Friday, May 17, 2013

Homelessness Defined

"Why were you homeless?"
"It just got to a point where my mom couldn't maintain anymore. The sad part was that it was during high school. So I had to keep it a secret. Cause, you know, it's high school."
I was photographed by the photographer that runs Humans of New York a couple of day ago. It all happened very randomly, I was waking down the street and this very tall man asked to take my photo. After asking me a couple of questions we parted ways. After the photo appeared on FB It got me thinking about what homelessness meant to me..
This is my definition of homeless. Homeless doesn't always mean a person is living on the street, but that defiantly the outcome sometimes. Fact: when I was homeless as a teen it only meant that I was living in a temp apt. Rent couldn't be paid so we went to a shelter that placed us there. But that was because I was with my mom and's get better services, and they get them much faster. 

But back to my defining homeless. Homelessness is like spending Christmas or your bday alone...homelessness means your unloved. Homelessness is the most intense form of loneliness that exist. It makes you feel other, for it is the dirtiest secret you will ever have. It is also the most painful one to carry around. 

Recently I was having a lovely chat with my therapist. We were talking about the me today...and he said with 1part interest and 2 parts amusement "it seems like because of being homeless as a will probably be homeless a couple of times as an a adult" 

If that isn't other then I don't know what is...