Wednesday, September 26, 2012

L'atelier de la Petite Dame: Up Coming Events!

Hello all!
There are a couple of events that I'll be attending.
The 38TH Annual Atlantic Antic street festival on Sunday September 30th. The Atlantic Antic is a living tribute to the myriad of heritages that coexist in Brooklyn. Spanning four neighborhoods from Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue, the Antic is the largest street festival in New York City! From start to finish, Atlantic Avenue is transformed into a sea of entertainment offering something for everyone. I'll be at the Biddies and Blokes Second Hand Garb Booth (located between Bond and Nevins street)!
On Saturday October 6th, I'll be heading to Philly for the American Dreaming Pop-up Mall.
I'm so excited. I have some new product that I'll be unveiling at these events so come on out and show your support!!
A la prochaine!

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Project: Finding Home

"Home is a feeling, not a place."
    Have you ever met a world traveler? Someone whose travelled there whole life? Someone who feels like the road is home? Did you ever notice that they never seem out of place? How they seem to be able to set up camp anywhere, and be perfectly settled and at home.
   Do you know anyone who lives on there bare necessities/ How many times have you thought they where crazy? Or that maybe its okay for them, but you could never do it? Have you ever noticed how much happier they seem from everyone else you know....from you?
I've never felt that safe feeling that comes with being at home. Most times I'll be at out and counting the minutes until I can get home. But once I get there all I want to do is run back out the door. I can never figure out why I wanted to be in this place, or why it's called home. It could actually be anywhere. It's like...I'm always tittering on the edge of belonging.
"Home is a feeling, not a place."
This is my quest to find that feeling called home.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Something to think about...

If you didn't know what failure was what would you do? 

How many times have you really wanted to do something, but backed out at the last minute due to fear that you wouldn't be any good at it? That you would probably fuck up, and everybody would know that you failed? I do this. I do it more often then I'd like to. Fear of failure is a self imposed tool to make you fail. No one is going to say you failed because you tried. And think of all the new things you could learn by taking a chance.

I'm taking a chance. I want to live my dream. I want to give back. I want to wake up every morning and be excited about the things I do. I want to find my joy, I want to find my freedom. I can't do any of these things carrying around a whole mess of self doubt. Neither can you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Words to Live By

"If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs"

Every time I'm thinking about giving up because it seems so hard. Every time I think I'm to tired, too un-skilled...etc etc etc. I think of these words, and they always put things into perspective for me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

L'atelier de la Petite Dame(The Little Lady Workshop)

At the beginning of the summer I started playing with the idea of starting a jewelry business. It soon became clear to me that this was something that I really wanted to do. I started working on creating different designs and set a date for when I would launch the website.

The main goal I had in seeing my dream come to fruition was getting the website up. But unlike my previous projects I didn't do any press related stuff. I felt like if I just got the website up success would just come. I was wrong. Unfortunately I had to take the website down after only one month. I have the tendency to start a project and boast about it, then not finish what I started. I think apart of my not doing any press/marketing stuff was that if I didn't succeed I didn't want anyone to know.

What's very important for me to say here is that I don't consider this a failure. Its a lesson that I had to learn, and I'm glad I learned it early on. Really I had no clue what I should have been doing(beside the stuff that I could have, but wasn't doing...) I had no idea how much of my time and money had to go into this for it to truly be successful. Success in this instances to me means having this business sustain itself and one day help me in quiting one of my many jobs(lol)!

I'm much more  aware now! For more daily updates about L'atelier head on over to the Facebook page.