Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"...and existence becomes a grinding effort, guided by belly hunger.."

Have you ever felt like your living just to survive? I've been taking pictures, trying to spark that of hope, of happiness I felt for a second back in September. Working on a roll of black and white film, its taking a min though I hope to be done with it by today.
My mother came home one day with not just one but TWO kittens!! I'm not really a cat person. I'd rather a dog, but there really cute I got to name one and I've never had kittens before so a different outlook is expected.
Did I mention that there both boys and basically identical
The one I named is the sleeping kitten August. I had just finished watching August Rush and its now my favorite movie!! The other kitten my mother named Busy, but she spells it differently, because he's always doing something!!!
*the quote is from the book "Black Like Me" by John Howard Griffin