Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fort Greene Festival 2011

I made my way down to Fort Greene Park late weekend to see Mos Def. I didn't really want to go but I felt it would be nice to get outside for a while. It was so crowded when I got there. Much more crowded then last year when I went to see Common. I was expecting it to be crowed closer to when Mos Def was going to be on stage. I didn't even try to get close to the stage. I hung back instead and ran into an old friend. We got some food and I joined her on a nice patch of grass...away from the stage. 

 Christina Brown(on the right)
 A la prochaine!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Open Studios (Brooklyn,NY)

(Mike in his studio with the Edgar Allen Poe painting.)
I was able to visit Mike Estabook at his studio in Brooklyn sometime ago. I interviewed him for my Artist Talk series in February. He was apart of one of those open studio tours that I forget the name of right now.
I hopped at the chance to go see Mike's art in person. I hadn't seen him(or his art) in at least 3 years. Its one thing to stalk look at art work online, but another thing to see it in person. One of his pieces that caught my eye was his Edgar Allen Poe painting. It is apart of his hero painting series. Mike says: It's "an attempt to be positive with my art by painting portraits of people I admire". I'm a fan of Edgar Allen Poe(as I just spent a semester in a short story lit class), but lets not get of topic. Here's a link to the series: Here.
A la prochaine!

 Edit: I believe it was this one.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Documentary of the Day

As you may/may not have noticed I really like documentaries! If you know anyone that has a mental disorder then you know how...terrifying it can be to feel when you think they won't be treated fairly because there different. It's always a pleasant surprise when you see someone over look that and take the time to get to know them as individual. I think this documentary is about compassion.
I'd like to thank Allister Ann for posting this and for Ethan Luck for creating them.

A la prochaine!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wanderlust: Portland, Oregon

I've beening like I want to move out of NY for a while. For some reason I've been thiunking that I should move to Portland, Oregon. I don't know why. I have no family or friends out there. I'd be completely alone. So maybe that's whats calling to me, the fact that I'd have solotude. The fact that I'd have no one to depend on but myself. That's scary but also so exciteing at the same time.

What ever the reason(s) these images aren't helping!
 A la prochaine!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


(Image taken a week before my birthday at a nice lunch with my cousin and friend form my neighborhood.)

Every know and then I like to check-in with myself to make sure I'm being productive as I can be this year. I've been doing a whole bunch of writing. More writing then actually going out and taking pictures. All the writing is for my book that I want to create at the end of this year. In the beginning I wanted a book entirely of images that I took this year. Now I'm not so sure how I want the finished product to look. I just know I'm working towards the goal of having a book by the of 2011. I think the words I'm writing will help create and guide me when I start sifting through all the photographs. The simple fact that I'm working towards my book makes me give myself a nice pat on the back!

I need to start making some smart decisions about how I want my portfolio to look for the art schools I will be applying for this fall. I wasn't going to use any photographs for my submission because I don't want to study photography in art school. I'm thinking now that I might include some images because, for me, photography is how I got started. It won't be far for me to turn my back on it!

A la Prochaine!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Afropunk 2011: Cee Lo Green

Hello all!
As I said in the previous post I'm not very familiar with all the artists that are going to be at Afropunk this year. So I'm doing my research and checking out the artists that are going to be performing early. In the process I'm getting more excited!! I was looking up songs on YouTube for Cee Lo Green and video popped up. Ive posted a video from Karmin Music before. I'm a big fan of these too, and I love this cover!

Do notice Janelle Monae jamming on the side!

A la prochaine!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Music: Afropunk 2011

Hello all!

I'm super excited right now! Now why?
Because I recently found out that Afropunk is going to be free this year! Last year I had planned to go but found out too last that it wasn't free. This year I will definitely be there! So in preparation for the festival I will be listening to all the artists that will be there, because truth be told I only know of 3 artist. Of those 3 I only know some of there songs...kind of. So from now until august my Sunday Morning Music post will be dedicated to an artist performing in the Afropunk Festival! For now I leave you with this video from last years Afropunk.
See you Sunday. A la Prochaine!