Friday, June 24, 2011

Open Studios (Brooklyn,NY)

(Mike in his studio with the Edgar Allen Poe painting.)
I was able to visit Mike Estabook at his studio in Brooklyn sometime ago. I interviewed him for my Artist Talk series in February. He was apart of one of those open studio tours that I forget the name of right now.
I hopped at the chance to go see Mike's art in person. I hadn't seen him(or his art) in at least 3 years. Its one thing to stalk look at art work online, but another thing to see it in person. One of his pieces that caught my eye was his Edgar Allen Poe painting. It is apart of his hero painting series. Mike says: It's "an attempt to be positive with my art by painting portraits of people I admire". I'm a fan of Edgar Allen Poe(as I just spent a semester in a short story lit class), but lets not get of topic. Here's a link to the series: Here.
A la prochaine!

 Edit: I believe it was this one.

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