Tuesday, June 14, 2011


(Image taken a week before my birthday at a nice lunch with my cousin and friend form my neighborhood.)

Every know and then I like to check-in with myself to make sure I'm being productive as I can be this year. I've been doing a whole bunch of writing. More writing then actually going out and taking pictures. All the writing is for my book that I want to create at the end of this year. In the beginning I wanted a book entirely of images that I took this year. Now I'm not so sure how I want the finished product to look. I just know I'm working towards the goal of having a book by the of 2011. I think the words I'm writing will help create and guide me when I start sifting through all the photographs. The simple fact that I'm working towards my book makes me give myself a nice pat on the back!

I need to start making some smart decisions about how I want my portfolio to look for the art schools I will be applying for this fall. I wasn't going to use any photographs for my submission because I don't want to study photography in art school. I'm thinking now that I might include some images because, for me, photography is how I got started. It won't be far for me to turn my back on it!

A la Prochaine!

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