Thursday, April 7, 2011

Artist Talk: Why do I do it anyway?

I started doing these monthly interviews in December 2010. I had wanted to interview artists for a while, but I was too chicken to try. Then I was interviewed for the first time and my desire started to out way my chicken heart. The questions I ask are things I always wonder when I meet artists.
I always wonder what do you call yourself? As I'm always struggling to define myself before someone else does and gets it all wrong. How do you create(inspiration)? Because aren't we always looking for new forms of inspiration? Why do you do it? Personally I think the hardest thing to call yourself is an artist. There isn't always a clear career path(or so you may be led to believe). Your art isn't always valued the way you want it to be.
I've switched my "title" from aspiring photographer, to aspiring Art Therapist, and now to aspiring Art Educator/Director. Every time I find opposition from someone along the way. I've taken more then one "break" where I'd given up and didn't think I wanted to be an artist. Just to have art creep back in to my life and save my sanity! This is way I do it and I've always wondered if art is a need for others like it is for me.
So the questions I ask are just questions I've wanted to ask my artist friends(and there friends, and there friends friends). So I would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone that's interviewed with me so far. And a thank you to the people that I will interview!

A la prochaine!