Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nothing 2 Do.....

I'm soo bored and I've recently(2day) discovered a spot in my house were I have Internet access...yes I'm a thief=), so lets play a little game. 21 questions,(....umm if I can think of that many...):

1. have you ever slapped someone just for fun?
2. do u like to dance like an idiot....when everyones lookin?
3. true or false Music=Life?
4. or crazy?
5. does making your own money make u feel oh so sexy?
6. have you ever felt lonely in a room full of people?
7. True or False boredom makes people go crazy?
8. do you know your zodiac sign?
9. Why are we here?
10. Are you bad with directions?
11. What about ur friends? TLC best song
12. Life is a roller coaster?
13. Are you proud of your self?
14. Do you feel loved?

ok i can't think of any more........right now.
Send me your questions and I might post them
Lata =)


lluviaschick said...

because I´m bored too and I have just discovered your blog; my answers:
1. yeah...
2. no
3. true
4. crazy... I wont describe it like crazy... but i dont like them... so it´s better than cool
5. well...makes me feel like a normal person
6. sure
7. True... me and my friends, we start laughing with no sense
8. yeah
9. no answer
10. no, depends
11. ...
12. ... if you think so

LADY said...

Did you do the drawing at the top? It's awesome! I wish I could draw.

Ok - here goes!
1. Yes!
2. I have....but it usually involves half a bottle of vodka and a straw.
4.Sexy crazy. I love mine.
5.Yes...especially when I am spending it.
6. Many times
9. On earth? Ooh too deep for a Thursday afternoon.
10. very. Thank god NYC is laid out like it is.
11. No...but I don't think I get this question!
12. It is what you make it.
13.I am. I rock!
14. I do...somedays more than others.....

Courtney said...

1)yeah...recently Mr.Maxipad...if u know who im talkin!
2)only when i have nothing to my integrity...hehe
4)depends. If u get it for no reason, on a dare, or with no significance then its crazy but if it actually has significance then its not sexy either....ITS JUST UNDERSTANDLE AND COOL
5)UM...Well it makes mefeel independent
9)in my opinion its a test of faith, temptation and obstacles
13)sometimes-----Welll um yeah I am