Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Time...or lack there of

OK so long time no post(4give me)!! I've been busy..
U know what I have no idea what to post....my mind is drawing a blank.
Well i just graduated
and soon I'll be starting back work..thank god because I'm ssssooooo broke I've started muching of of my friends and family! sad but true
How did I get to this point you ask well........let me tell you.

Knowing that I was going to be out of work I smartly put money away.....then I went shopping

I didn't take all my money with nope....but then my friend called me and need my help finding a job. I need a new bag....I wanted a Puma bag I found it on sale $35.76 in the village....and that was all my money!!!!
pray for me......people pray for me!!!!

1 comment:

Aiesha said...

At least the bag is cute, but when I saw you with it, it looks bigger than you!