Sunday, March 9, 2008

I haven't been on here as much as I would like is kicking me in the caboose!!
Its not like my classes are hard there just boring so its taking me more of an effort to stay awake in class!!!! Oh well I'll survive =)
Besides my boring classes I've been putting in photo-shoots with my friends as much as possible....which doesn't say much because when the weather is bad I tend to sit on my ass and do nothing. The weather in NYC is sooo crazy I carry an umbrella EVERday! Last week end was nice but today it rained all day and tomorrow its supposed to be windy and cold.
This weather is affecting my moods, I'll be happy and content for a couple of hours then so sad that I'll cry my self to sleep and have no idea why I'm
I'm finding my self alone alot now a days...and its not because I want to be!! I've always had a problem relating to people in my age group, I'm 19. While there wondering about how there going to buy a there 50Th pair of sneakers/shoes I'm wondering if I'm going to have to buy dinner tonight for the family.......
I find that I'm pushing away from my friends to.....or friend....(luv ya girlie)
Ummm well I need to do something...maybe I'll start back up yoga again... never really did anything for my mind, I will admit that my body did fell a lil bit better
Ugh. I hate winter!!!!!!

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