Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hermit Crabs

I while ago I meet these three adorable little boys, who each had gotten a hermit crab for Christmas. I had hermit crabs as pets when I was younger. I was terrified of them! I would stare at them while they were in there tank, and day-dream about holding them, but would never do it unless forced.
These poor little creatures didn't last long in my house. One day my mother was trying to crack open a coconut with a hammer, the hermit crabs were in there tank on the other side of the table. Every time she would bring the hammer down on the coconut the tank would move closer to the edge of the table until--CRASH!! I don't remember asking for pets after that....

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CHD:WCK! said...

that ENTIRE experience sounds quite traumatic. maybe YOU really shouldn't have pets anymore... until you have kids. you'll HAVE to get your kids pets. give them some traumatic experiences of their own.