Monday, April 19, 2010

A Change is Gonna Come

Hello Friends,

I have been very busy with school, but mostly I've been trying to listen to the little voice in my head. I'm not a very happy girl right now. Here's whats been going on. I dropped my photo 1 class. Not because I don't need the skills that were being taught, not because I didn't like the teacher, but because I didn't like the class. I didn't like that every week I HAD to go out and do some assignment, and I HAD to do it a certain way.

I've also been feeling like when it comes to my photographic skills(or lack thereof), I've been taken advantage of. Its good to have experience, its good to work hard to create a name for yourself. It sucks when your asked to do work that you don't believe in. For FREE. No one has ever asked me what I like to photography. It's always, "Oh, you like taking picture? Come and do this for me, and I'll give you 'credit'." Everybody whats me to do them a favors, but nobody whats to pay me for it, that's the kind of "credit" I want! The way this economy is going I CAN'T afford to do anything for free.

Then there are the people that say they are going to pay you, and give me credit. The problem arises when I've helped them better themselves and am now sitting with my palms stretched out waiting for them to feel its the right time to give me what's owed, what I've worked for. I'm tired of that. I won't play the ignoramus any more.

A change has come. I no longer feel the need to prove my skills to anyone. I no longer feel the need to be called a photographer. This summer I will NOT be doing anything for photographic wise for anyone. When I started doing photography I did it for me. Now its time to get back to that!!


CHD:WCK! said...

KEEP ON!! i feel you. so much to say, but TWO THINGS FIRST:
1. people who tell you that doing something for them will "be good exposure" NEVER get you the exposure you want.
2. never do anything for people who don't VERY VERY VERY VERY SPECIFICALLY want what YOU do.
(people think cause you can draw, you want to do family portraits... because you pick up a camera, you want to shoot booty shots for KING magazine... because you can cut records you want to DJ their wedding... WHATEVER!!!!)

and some others.
3. NEVER do ANYTHING you DON'T WANT to do for FREE.
4. NEVER do ANY paid job without a deposit. don't event come up with ideas before seeing some cash.

CHD:WCK! said...

and again...
if someone's paying you for a job,
don't even THINK about the job until you see some cash up front.