Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A New Beginning

Sooooo just checking in...I've been soo busy!!!But know I have a weeks rest..kinda( I have to what for my grades...just toke my CUNY Skills Test)My internship just ended at the Brooklyn Children's Museum...sad but true!!=( But a new Beginning is about to start....only problem is a don't have any pictures of it just yet so here's some of the past one's
This lovely snake is Fantasia(yes she's real!!)
You can't even see all of her body.

Aww look at Tati...just meet her and she will be missed!! love ya.
I love this girls style...and her hair!!

(The pic above and below is from a resent trip to six flags)

yes that's Lloyd baby!!...If you don't now who he is.....
Get of my blog!!!!....or Google him!!

OK so following the theme of new people meet Algea...
....I tried to steal his shirt..but he put up one hell of a fight....
so I let him keep it!
Sooooo that's all focks

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