Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When all else a book

*Warning: Your are about to read about the nerd in me!

I haven't been reading as much as I did when I was in h.s. Reading for me was away to escape my reality.....sinking in to the words of fantasy novels and creating another world around me no matter what situation i was in. In h.s. I read just about anything..mostly fiction and mostly fantasy. Fantasy novels are, in my opinion, positive. Most of the time there's is a good and evil force with the good triumphing over the evil. Take the Harry Potter books. In ever book Harry (the good force) fights Voldemort (the evil force) and in the end some how he always win. This books helped me out tremendously when ever something made me sad I picked up a book and my imagination did the rest.

Now a days I have little to no time to read and my mind is craving something a little more grown up. Something that makes me understand this world and its inhabitants more.

Any ideas??? I'm open to anything to try anything once.

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CapCity said...

Thanx 4 stopping by The Pchats, Sis! I LOVE to read!! I have many favorites - but I've met this sistah & she's SOOO Amazing, down to earth & I enjoy her books, too;-): Beverly Jenkins is the sistah I'm referring to. I'd suggest starting with her book entitled Topaz -or- Before the Dawn;-).

I'm adding this blog of yours to The PChat "roll"!