Saturday, September 13, 2008

True Story.

I watched a man "shoot up" today.
I watched as he sat on a crate, and as he scratched at his arm I knew exactly what he was doing.
I watched as he took off his shoes and slowly his head stared to nod, until his neck seemed unable to support it..and it finally fell on to his chest.
All the while I was watching him I felt sorry for him
I wondered what drove him to do this in the first place and why he just didn't stop.
He looked so lonely and broken sitting on the corner by him self.
That's what I think drugs do to a person......they break you and drive the people that care about you away...until your all alone.

The sad thing is this isn't my first time seeing somebody "shoot up" or get high.....and I have a feeling that it won't be my last.

True Story.


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CrystalStar said...

wow! thats crazy scary... and y do u think it wont be ur last? Luv the blogspot man!