Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its close to midnight

This is the first post from my Blackberry Curve. I'm writing this instead of calling or txting people that don't mean me any good. This is a good thing b/c I have been now to make rash decisions to ease the overwhelming feelings of loneliness and self doubt I some times feel.

So I'm just laying in bed waiting for sleep to takes its hold on me and drag me off to La-La land, writing about nothing....
Not my day
Not my photography

Well here's something....

Sometime late year I was in union square when this crazy man came up screaming and talking about weed....he had such a good hustle. He'd let you take a picture of him....for money of course
People would try sneak a photo of him so they wouldn't have to give him money.....but he always caught them.


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