Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Note to Our Teachers

Last night I remembered a question someone had asked me. "Did you keep a journal when you were younger?", I said "yes, but I didn't write in it much." She said "OK" and that was it.

Last night I remembered this, and thought of a the real reason why I didn't write in that journal. Mostly it was because of embarrassment. Though no one would see what I wrote unless I showed them, I always felt a little stupid when I was writing, or would re-read my entries. I felt like I didn't have enough words to describe how I was feeling. I wasn't really shocked when I came to this realization. I am a slow learner. That's something I've come to be alright with. I do learn, I do have those "ah ha" moments when every things clear, it just takes me a minute longer to reach these points.

When I was younger no one ever took an interest into what made me think about things. I felt my teachers didn't take enough interest into figuring out how I learned. Sometimes I felt they didn't really care if I learned or not.

I think that when you teach something you should follow though to make absolutely sure that every single one of your students understands. A child might be extra quiet because she doesn't understand. Or a child may act out when he feels he is being left behind. You can bet money that we feel it when were left behind. It's in the air. There's this buzzing excitement that comes with learning. A feeling of accomplishment when you know that you can learn.

It was a very liberating experience when I learned how I learned. I was speaking to a friend and I told her, "I learn differently, and that's OK." Before that point I was terrified of school(at this point I was in my 1st years of college), and I wouldn't take chances in my writing because I didn't no how.

So Thank You to the few teachers, and counselors, and friends that took(and continue to) an interest, it made a difference!!

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Aiesha said...

Fabulous and I agree!