Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes Yes, I know I said I quit!

What I really should have said was I was quitting any influence from people about the way I create and express my self. Let me make my self clear. Just because I've dusted my camera off doesn't mean I'm going to whip it out at your request and take photo's for you.

If you know me at all you know why photography means so much to me, and why I can't quit it. The idea of photography was implanted in my head in HS when I was battling a very dark period in my life. I had spent a year homeless, lost quite a bit of friends and spent a year in bed making it impossible to graduate with my class. I was allowed to take photography and it was a great experience. It wasn't a very long class, and it had too many students but the idea that I could create something, that I could capture the moments and people that meant the most to me was planted. After HS I started taking on photo jobs. Mostly events, but some fashion work too. None of it felt right, but I kept doing it because people wanted me too. This past summer I had enough and I told anyone that was listening that "I Quite". Honestly I had no desire to be behind or in front of a camera.

A couple of random things happened recently. One of my friends went online and saw some of my work and sent me an email saying they where awesome. I then went online and looked at the portrait work I liked doing and realized that they were good and that I had grew from the time I started. I also realized that no one should be able to make me quite something that I enjoy doing. I need to get a better at saying no and meaning it. It's okay to be a little selfish sometime.

Baby I'm back!


CHD:WCK! said...

:) i'm very pleased,
that you're pleased with yourself.
do YOUR thing!

Netchem said...

Thank You Chad! :-)