Friday, November 26, 2010

Artist Talk: Aiesha Turman

Aiesha Turman

Where are you from?
Born in Albany, NY. Raised in Rochester, NY. Been a Brooklynite for over a decade

What do you call yourself (writer, rapper, photographer, etc)?

How do you create (your inspiration)?
My inspiration is Black people in general, but Black women specifically, both contemporary and historic -- wherever they are in the world.

Why do you do it?
Because I have to. I am supposed to. It is my calling.

Are you currently working on anything?
I'm always working on something. I'm expanding my film, The Black Girl Project, to include a book and several shorter films. I am working on a multi-dimensional web-based project about Black women, and working on a book project, as well as teaching.

Advice you would give a young Artist?
Create. Spend your time creating. There are a lot of distractions, but what's important is that you stay focused and produce whatever it is you do.

For more info on The Black Girl Project click here.

Photo by me: Brooklyn, NY - Oct/2009

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