Monday, November 12, 2012

We Are Not In Control..

That's what I learned from hurricane Sandy. My mother and younger brother had barely been in there apt for a full month. They had moved to Far Rockaway. I was so happy/excited for them, and I couldn't wait to visit them and watch the sun set over the beach!

And then came Sandy. They where actually in the apt about to fall asleep when the water came rushing in. They grabbed what they could and ran up to the neighbors on the second floor. A father with an 18 month old little girl. As the day/night went on the had to walk through waist high water to the third floor before the where evacuated. They were put into a school with hundreds of other people who had lost everything.

With everything that going on I'm having some trouble trying to figure out how when I'll be able to open my Pop-up shop for L'atelier de la Petite Dame. Trying to think or worry on it seems silly. Some people have real problems. Some people lost everything but there lives....and some don't even have that any more. The only thing that we can do is plan for the best, and the worst, then roll with what ever nature throws at you.

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Courtney James said...

So sorry to here about Sandy spoiling what was suppose to be a good moment for your mother and brother. I hope they are doing better!