Monday, October 22, 2007

Have a Little Faith in Me

Or may-be I should have faith in my self.
Over the weekend I attended a event with some of my old co-workers at BCM. I meet another photographer,Jeff Fasano, who started out just were I am. He gave me alot of helpful advice and encouragement which I'll carry with me through out the rest of my career. I was also suppose to do a photo shoot with a friend from my old H.S. but some things came up in her life time hopefully!!=) Things seem to be falling into place for me and meeting with people like Jeff who inspire and encourage me just make me see that my goals are possible to achieve!
Guess what?? I finally got my new camera!!! I'm so pleased with myself I saved up for it all by myself and its a great camera!! It takes great pictures!

(there's this little cafe in my neighborhood called BreadStuy great food and free WiFi)

(I hate my cat but I love this picture...I call it "Cat in a Box")


Sassy said...

pretty cool

super hussy said...

awwww, cute.

Emma said...

HEEE! Absolutely love your Catbox picture (shortened it more. Is that OK?)
Nothing like amusing cats, is what I always say. Well, I don't say that, but I should.

chris said...

Hi Netchem,

I was playing around with a logo for you.

Don't worry if you don't like them.