Friday, August 29, 2008


So what’s been going on?

I’m going through a very tuff time right now
It seems like I can only stay happy for a couple of hours before I remember all the shit that’s keeping me down. For one thing I would love to be in school right now but because of my mother I can’t be. A friend of mine asked me wasn’t I relieved to have some time off, to which I answered her Hell no! If the decision had been mine to not go back to school for a semester then fine, but I can’t go back because of something my mother didn’t do makes me highly upset!! I look around at all the people in my life and I feel like a failure….either they have some kind of degree already or there in school and all I’m doing is sitting on my ass. In September I will be out of one of my jobs. Until I find a new one I’m going be taking as many photo’s as possible! Photography has always been my way of cooping with my depression.

Random photo's I found in my computer just when I was thinking about giving up the one thing I love. Seriously photography is one of the best things I can do. Moving on. I found a new book that I love thanks to my friend Here (insert note: I find it funny that I call this girl my friend when we've never meet face to face....we've never even talked on that phone we've only comunicated via the computer.....aww the internet lol :end note)
Any way check out here blogger.
Ohh and the book. Its called The Alchemist. Read it!!!!

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CapCity said...

Hope those gray skies in your life turn to bright sunny dayz soon! Hold ON, Sis - bettah dayz r ahead. Hopefully, u can come up to Harlem on Oct. 11th so u can meet more bloggers & get a real hug, until then sending cyber hugz & prayers!