Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Beginning

My intro to drawing professor said I should check out the drawing club at my school. He thought it would be good practice since I've decided that I want to go to art school for drawing (and a couple of other things). So I went this past Saturday. I was the third person there, but by the end of the session the class was full. It was a fun but very intimidating experience, and my first time trying to draw a person.

First I didn't think the model was going to just drop her dress like she did. I didn't think this could happened in a community college. Seriously. I think women are hot though, and was glad she wasn't a he. As the class filled up it became obvious that I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. This became clear to me. I doubt anyone else noticed or cared. I wanted to get up and run not even half way through the session but I stuck it out and made it through the end.

I'm going back this weekend. As intimidated as I was I still had a great time! When I looked at my drawings at home (and with my professor) I realize I didn't do a terrible job for my 1st time.

Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to share one of my drawings on here...until then. =)

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