Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleep Don't Come Easy

These last couple of day here in NY have been mind numbingly hot! All I've been able to do is sit in bed, read, and sweat. I finished two of the books on that list, and since I'm trying to make the list last the summer I'm now re-reading Harry Potter #5.

Today was nice(I didn't sweat at all! WOOT!) and I got some stuff done for my hair. Did I mention that I turned my tumblr blog into a natural hair blog....no? Well check it out here! I'm getting into the habit of making things for my hair instead of buying them. I might have a mini business by the end of the summer.

Now about that portfolio I need to be doing. I'm ashamed to say I haven't worked on it since last Sunday when I went to Dumbo BK(view pictures in last post). I'm confined to my house because right now I literally can't afford to go anywhere, and I find it very hard to get inspired to do anything art wise at home. My home isn't inspiring. Ah well I know my success lies in my hands and that feels good to say! If I don't succeed it will only be my fault.

This turned out to be a rambling post. This is what happens when your clock gets turned around because of the humidity. Sleep deprivation at its lowest.

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