Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Untitled/Infatuation Poem

Please don't say those things,
because they make me want to love you.

And I can't.
I can't lean on you in public,
I can't hold you hand,
I can't plant a kiss on you just because.

When you break my heart,
there can be no ceremonial burning of the ex's pictures.

You can never be mine.

So how come I can pick your voice out of a crowd?
How come your scent lingers for hours after your gone?
How come the thought of you makes my heart race?
How come your hugs feel like home?
How come you touch chills me and heats me at the same time?
How come a simple glance from you makes my stomach muscles tighten,
and tiny beads of perspiration form all over?

How come if you can never be mine?

You can never be mine,
So please don't say those things.

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