Monday, March 21, 2011

"Can We Kick It?"

I've always admired the friendships men have with other men. It always seems so effortless. The friendships just seem to happen there never seems to be some big back story like women sometimes have. "She was a friend of a friends sister, we hung out one day and became best friends!" The thing I admire most about male friendships is that they don't seem to have as much pressure as female friendships sometimes do. Or maybe when your friends with someone through art gender doesn't matter.

I say all this to introduce my friend Chad(again). We met a couple of years ago at an art show. We've kept in touch and when I saw he was coming to NY I jumped at the chance to hang out with him. He is a great artist, but an even better human being. Well it didn't happen, mostly because my phone is a jerk. The stupid thing takes calls, and alerts me of voicemail, only when it wants too. But I digress. I had planned to take some photographs of him, but since that didn't happen I've provided this nice link to his blog with images of his time in Brooklyn.  I don't know how or where he found the beauty in Brooklyn because I can't seem to find it here, and I'm a resident.

A la Prochaine!

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