Saturday, January 1, 2011

Artist Talk: Chad Cartwright/ CHD:WCK!

Photo © Armando Bellmas, 2010

chad cartwright/CHD:WCK!

Where are you from?
i come from clarence and brenda cartwright. i was planted and cultivated in east orange, nj. harvested in charlotte, nc.

What do you call yourself (writer, rapper, photographer, etc)?
i am a visual artist. i tend to focus on photography and mixed media, though i love music.i don’t make music, but when i talk about art(ists), i usually end up talking about music(ians).

How do you create (your inspiration)?
my art is all about my perspective. so inspiration comes from everywhere.i’m still not sure how i create, but i think the answer just lies in doing it more.

Why do you do it?
it’s very satisfying to create something you enjoy looking at.

i’m not passionate about much else. most of the other things i care about, i don’t have enough control to be effective at it. i would love for art to pave the way for me to teach, reach out to youth, and travel and experience other cultures.

art is a great way to connect with people. when people respond to something i create, we get past a bunch of meaningless introductions, small talk, and chatter, and things that we don’t have it common. we get to the heart of what we do have in common and can possibly build from there.

Are you currently working on anything?
i realize that my best art comes from life lessons and the beauty i see experiencing life. so currently, i’m working on living life more fully - making better decisions, having more experiences, being open to learn more, and making sure to make time to create. i want to take different art classes to add some more tools to my toolbox. but overall, by spring 2011, i hope to have a small body of work to share.

Any advice you would give someone in your position?
1. the best advice i’ve ever received is “stop thinking and do it” - shoot more. paint more. create more. (and if i had the resources, i’d hire someone just to remind me daily)

2. there are no formulas. do you. in my eyes, the most successful artists are people who “make the art they want to see/hear”. when you stay in your own lane, the road never gets crowded.

3. keep learning. keep growing. honor your craft. i believe any future successes will continue to be a reflection of how much work i put into growing as a person, learning about art and expression, and sharing my perspective, life lessons, and view of beauty with others. i don’t know if this is good advice, but it’s how i try to go about things.

I plan on traveling out side of NYC twice this year. Would you recommend Charlotte, NC as a place I should visit?
sure, but only if you have a knowledgeable tour guide.

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