Friday, January 14, 2011

Project 365: Why wait until the last minute? Take action now!

There are 16 days left to raise the money that I need to do this project. For past couple of days I've been trying to figure out how to say: "Yo guys don't wait to the last minute become one of my backers now!", or "Hey looking at the email I sent you at the beginning of the month isn't really showing me support", or "Really you can't give $5 to a support a project you've said is a great idea?", in a nice way. In a way that would make you go right away to my Kickstarter page and make a donation in any size amount. Instead of saying to yourselves "Oh yeah, I'll do that later", and then forgetting.

I haven't had any such luck. I'm not the best with my words. So how's this: Why wait to the last minute? Go, right now, to my Kickstarter page and make a donation to help support a me in my quest to better my art. Don't wait until the last minute because by then it might be to last. Any size donation will me alot to me!

A la prochaine!

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