Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Campaign for L'atelier de la Petite Dame: The Power of $5

Hello there,

One thing I had to work on while creating this campaign was "perks". These are things that create incentives for people to give. My perks range from $5-$25. So I wanted break it down to see if these perks would help me reach my goal. And here's what I found out:
Why yes I have been called analytical before, but there you have it. If 366 friends gave $5 I can reach my goal!
It seems simple enough to me. But I'll put it another way. When I started college I also started drinking coffee, from Starbucks no less. I didn't just get a regular coffee with cream and sugar though. I got a white chocolate mocha with a pump of peppermint and soy milk. I would get a tall or grande depending on how tired I was, but either way I was spending about $4.50- $5.50 everyday! I didn't think this was a problem until one day I sat down and realized I was spending about $50 per week on coffee alone(one cup wasn't always enough). Since then I've stopped drinking coffee, but I know alot of people that drink it, alot. Just the other day my boss came in with a venti sized coffee from Starbucks and only drank half of it.
So I would ask this, instead of getting a larger coffee, or instead of getting a second(or third) take that $5 and invest it towards helping me further my dream.
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A la Prochaine!

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