Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding Home #4: A Safe Place

When I first started this post it was all about how everybody hates me. I felt abandoned by alot of my close friends. Then I saw something on Instagram stating something along the lines of, " I asked god to get rid of my enemies, and I started losing friends." At that moment all of that hurt went flyng out the window. Now I'm not saying I was surrounded by enemies, but I do believe that not everyone in our lives are meant to stay forever.

There was this passage that I think comes from a Tyler Perry film, comparing friends to different parts of a tree. Some people are like the leaves when the wind blows they disappear. Some people are like the branches of a tree, and can seem safer until you take a step out on to a thin one and it breaks underneath you. But some people are like the roots of a tree. Sturdy and strong, those are the people you should hold on too. Those are the ones you can always count on.

I also think you should be one of those people in your own life that's like a root. In my own experience if I can be a safe place for myself I can be a much better safe place, or root, for others.

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