Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Mini Vacation

 This is what I did last weekend. I ate, I drank, I watch movies(and season 1 of Veronica Mar) on netflix, and I neglected my studies.  I was puppy-sitting a wonderful beagle. The first night he let me have the bed all to my self, but the second night we spooned. That was the highlight of my weekend.
"Ralphie, drop it!"
This dog showed me a a couple of things about stealing food of peoples plates while there in the room. Some times while there right next to you! 1: with you eyes closed located direction of people food. 2: Open eyes while stretching and looking around to see whose watching. If your being watched stare at them until they get bored (or feel uncomfortable) and look away. 3: trying not to make much noise slide of couch and move towards table, don't rush its a dead give away! 4: rest your face on table and grab food. If you get caught don't worry the fight isn't over. Resume staring, throw in a whine, your bond to get something!

A la prochaine!

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Amanda said...

Aww man - he totally taught you some tricks! What a jerk dog he can be. Well, at least he's got his good looks to carry him through!