Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365: Day 26/ The End

I had a plan, but things never go exactly as you want them to go. My project 365 didn't get funded. Boo hoo. Though I am disappointed I'll get over it. Just because one part of my plan fell through doesn't mean I'm going to give up on the things I want to accomplish this year. Though this is going to be a little bit harder now. I'm still going to have my degree by the end of the summer. I'm still going to travel somewhere outside of NY twice.  At the end of this year I'm still going to create my first book.

I'm just going to have to be a tad more creative now that I don't have any extra funds. Money is VERY tight for me these days! Actually money is always tight for me. My time is also very limited so project 365 is going to be postponed for now. Let me explain what that means. When I decided to do this project I wanted to do it a certain way. I wanted to do it with instant film. That's just not possible right now.  So though I will be taking alot of photographs, and sharing them here, I won't be doing a photography every day. For the majority of the time I'll be using my digital camera. A soon as I can I will buy an external hard drive.

At the end of the year my book is going to be a little bit different, now that I'm not taking a photograph every day. For now though I'm keeping the details of that my little secret.

 A la prochaine!

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CHD:WCK! said...

the NONfinisher in ME, needs YOU to shoot your 365 digitally. lacks of funds is a reality, but shouldn't throw your vision off track. just get your pic a day. maybe the book can still come. you can have 365 pics and no book, but you can't have a 365book and not 365 pics.

please! PLEASE!! PLEEEEEEAAASSSEEEE!!! for me, resume this project.