Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For your Viewing Enjoyment!

I've been working very hard trying to get a portfolio created for the school I want to go to. It's been hard work! I'm no where near finished it feels like I haven't even started really. BUT I'm also having alot of fun. I haven't been able to draw in a studio from a model like I usually do so I've just been sketching things out that are in my head. Here are two of my recent drawings:

I had a ball doing these! I call them "Those Hatters" I plan on doing more and/or making them paintings one day! Though I have fun doing these I don't know if there serious enough to go in my portfolio. I'm leaning towards adding them. Might as well put what I can do right out in the open. Right?

A la prochaine!

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Bespoke Biddie said...

i love these!
oh.... come get some food fool!