Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

Have you heard of the sketchbook project? I didn't but instantly fell for the idea. That is until I found out that I would never get my sketchbook back and that I had to pay a small fee to join. And I would have to return the book by a certain date. Since I just found out about it and I decided to do it next year. I still wanted to do something so in the end I decided to do the project, but from home and share what I do to the pages with you all!
The Sketchbook: 
A small Canson journal I got about a year ago compliments of Blick art materials that I had barely used. I decided that for this journal I wasn't going to work with in a theme. I didn't want to limit myself I just wanted to create! This is what I have so far...
 I'm going to try and be more  a bit more creative. I really want to try image transferring! I'm going to need more supplies before can though. I made most piece with what I already had available(and ruined some paint brushes by letting paint dry in the camel hairs x-( darn it...) Here's a list of what I hope to get eventually:
  • Faber-Castell artist pens- I've been using a sharpie but it hasn't been going well
  • White gel pen- for small details
  • A Mixed Media Journal- I've noticed that my paper buckles under all the stuff I'm putting on it. The journal I'm currently using is the paper is only 65lbs. I've read that 80lbs or better is good better for what I'm doing.
That's all. I like to keep my list small! I'm really excited about image transferring so I'll let you all see the results of that when I get Gel Medium.
A la prochaine!

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