Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Glance at Last Week

Last week was ruff for me, but I tried to make the best of it.  I've been trying to ride my bike more often. So when I needed to go into the city for some art supplies, but more importantly I wanted some cookies. I hopped on my bike to save some money(for cookies). The cookies didn't last long enough to be photographed sadly. It was such a beautiful night. These where taken on the Brooklyn bridge. This is the only bridge I like biking on even with the tourist that like to walk in the bike lane.
The art supplies: two Faber-Castell pens(XS, F) a white gel pen, and a Excel craft knife. I was using a sharpie but it wasn't working out. I love the Faber-Castell pens. I haven't find much use for the gel pen yet, but I'm sure I will!

A la prochaine!

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